Pulse™ Pro (%25 OFF)
Pulse™ Pro (%25 OFF)
Pulse™ Pro (%25 OFF)
Pulse™ Pro (%25 OFF)
Pulse™ Pro (%25 OFF)
Pulse™ Pro (%25 OFF)

Pulse™ Pro (%25 OFF)

Regular price $399.95 Sale price $299.95
"Wish I owned it 10 years ago!
I suffer from chronic pain in my left shoulder. Since using the Pulse Pro after workouts I’ve had almost zero shoulder pain."
- Martin W

Pulse™ Pro

Meet The Most Powerful & Robust Deep Muscle Treatment.

Treat yourself with the device trusted by 65,000+ happy customers worldwide.

The Pulse™ Pro massage therapy device was designed in the USA by leading health care professionals to provide at-home self-care with power, precision, and purpose. 

Percussion Benefits

Pulse™ Pro helps achieve better performance by stimulating blood and lymph circulation, warming up muscle tissues and improving elasticity. This leads to reducing muscle fatigue, soreness, muscle spasms and alleviates muscle pain.

What Is Included?

What Is Included
In $299?

 Pulse™ Pro Massage Gun
 Six Massage Attachments
 Smart Massager User's Manual
 US/UK Plug Charging Cable
 Rechargeable Battery
 Free Carrying Case (worth $49)
 Free Express Shipping (3-7 days)

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Q: How long does one charge last?

A: On one charge you will be able to enjoy up to 30 days of daily 10-minute massage sessions without needing to recharge! Thanks to our efficient, quiet & powerful brushless motor.

Q: What is the shipping time and cost?

A: Shipping is free! The delivery time changes depending on your location (shipping generally takes 3-7 business days). Use parcelsapp.com for more accurate tracking.

Try Pulse™ Pro 
Completely Risk-Free

Try Pulse™ Pro 
Completely Risk-Free

Our products are designed and manufactured to perfection. However, things do happen. Try the Pulse™ Pro completely risk-free. If for whatever reason you decide you aren't satisfied, contact our helpful customer support and we'll refund you 100% within 30 days of purchase.