Tiktok Organic Affiliate Program for UGC Creators!

Tiktok Organic Affiliate Program for UGC Creators!

No Middleman, No Agency!

Hey there, we represent Pulse Atlas, a brand committed to mitigating muscle tension and enhancing mobility, especially in the fitness sector, through our innovative massage guns. We'd like to propose an exciting opportunity: if you join our affiliate program, not only will you earn a 20% commission from every sale!

If you are in the US, interested in Fitness this is for YOU!

Program: https://af.uppromote.com/pulse-atlas/register

Start Earning With Brand Ambassador Accounts

Consider setting up your own TikTok ambassador account, perhaps with names like "TryPulseAtlas" or "GoPulseAtlas". Utilize this platform to share your link or discount code with a broader audience. The great thing is, there's no limit on the amount of content you can post - whether it's 5, 30, or 60 posts a month, you have the freedom to engage as much as you'd like. Unleash your creativity! Whether it's humorous, sarcastic, awkward, or professional, we're open to all styles. Go ahead and make a splash!

A lot of brands already doing it

Follower Count Doesn't Matter

Test a lot, and what works do more.

For instance, Arkdrops found that people's reactions were their most effective content, so they decided to solely focus on that. Stick to what yields the best results. They are also great at making ppl stop scrolling with engaging texts and editing. 

The TikTok algorithm prioritize the content that users find most engaging.


TikTok has the capability to analyze and interpret the textual data from your video's audio, categorizing it within the appropriate communities, even if you haven't included any tags.

Any content that hinders a smooth user experience could potentially be downplayed by the algorithm, reducing its visibility.

So dont use "Shop now, link in my bio, click the link, link in my profile etc.) 

Do it indirectly like:
On my profile, check on my profile, get a 10% price cut, snag a 10% deal right now etc.

Most of the time dont use CTA at all

Similar to Arkdrops, which often doesn't incorporate calls to action, your strategy can still be effective. You have the option to respond to comments and insert your call to action there instead.

Calls to action (CTAs) can sometimes come across as aggressive or unappealing. Instead, consider responding to comments with videos that incorporate your CTAs in a more subtle manner, such as demonstrating where and how to buy the product. You can use greenscreen filter to visit our website as a background too.

To maximize earning potential

1. Do trio-posting reels, shorts, tiktoks (no amount of followers needed).

2. If you have your own audience you may share there too.

3. Better hooks (initial 1-3 seconds) makes them stop scrolling. Catch folks' interest before they even think of moving on. Most popular videos have this in common - they quickly grab the viewer's attention.

Begin utilizing reels and shorts right away through your unique link.

For TikTok, you might need to accumulate a following of at least 1,000 before you are eligible to add your link in the bio.

Using non CTA videos reach 1k faster on TikTok.

Brand and UGC Creators only.

You'll be working directly with the brand (Pulse Atlas) No middleman who cuts a share of your earnings from your tiktok organic sales.

Premium Rates

We will directly start you from our premium rate of 20% instead of regular 15% affliate revenue share.

You'll earn $60 per massage gun sold at $300.
You'll earn $54 per massage gun sold at $270 with your unique 10% off code. (Call to actions with your code may convert better).

A lot of people add $1000-4000+ in their monthy earnings this way.

If you manage to drive 30 sales in a month through the combined effort of 30 TikToks, 30 Reels, and 30 Shorts, you could secure a solid monthly revenue of over $1800. This strategy also has the potential to generate a steadily growing income month after month.

Benefits of directly working with brands

You're not just dodging agency fees here, but you're also raking in more cash with our top-tier rates you cant find elsewhere. So, it's a win-win!

You keep more of your sales and earn extra with our premium payout rates.


Weekly payments to your Paypal

or ACH bank transfer to your USD bank account.
Contact us at Angelina@thepulseatlas.com.

Free $299 Product

As part of the program you ll receive a free Pulse Pro from us.


1. Making people feel smart is a great way to get them involved. So, let's say you use quirky names like calling ice cubes "frozen water cubes" on purpose. Folks are likely to correct you, and voila, you've got them engaged! When you've got high engagement like that, coupled with catchy hooks that stop folks from just swiping past your video, success isn't just likely, it's pretty much a done deal!

2. Good content, rocks on all platforms reels shorts even pinterest and others.

3. Use ChatGPT for copywriting.
For best results tell chatGPT to

"rephrase this in everyday human tone: paste your text below", "rephrase this in engaging tone", "rephrase this in friendly tone". 

Program: https://af.uppromote.com/pulse-atlas/register