Pulse Atlas Wholesale (US Businesses)

Pulse Atlas Wholesale (US Businesses)

Thank you for your consideration in ordering our Pulse Atlas product in bulk! You can sell them to earn a profit or donate them to causes that need it the most - we'd be happy either way.

Hundreds of physiotherapists and chiropractors worldwide have made Pulse Atlas massagers a part of their sessions and added their tools to the arsenal. Do you have friends in your field who could benefit from Pulse Atlas? If so, we will reward all of you with a 45% discount.

 Easy Steps

  1.  Click add to cart and go to the cart page where you can update the quantity.
  2.  Update quantity to 25 units, now the conditions are met for the wholesale code to work.
  3.  Apply the code at the checkout page.
This code allows you to purchase each product for $180, but if you use it now during Black Friday, you will only have to pay $150 per item.
Have a great rest of your day.

All Coupon Codes

Coupon Code Discount Condition to work Get each
WHOLESALE10X 30% 10 units $210
WHOLESALE25X 40% 25 units  $180
Contact Angelina@pulseatlas.com 45% invite your friend(s) to Pulse Atlas bulk sale  $165

Is there a chiro/physio friend that could also use this service? If so, invite him along so you both can get the VIP discount code for bulk purchases.

Reusable Codes

Stock running out? Order using the wholesale codes again. We are thrilled to have a long-standing relationship with your business.