Are Sore Muscles After a Workout Really a Good Sign?

Are Sore Muscles After a Workout Really a Good Sign?

Are Sore Muscles After a Workout Really a Good Sign?

Delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS, is the scientific term for muscular pain that appears after activity. It's common to be uncomfortable after attempting new workouts or boosting the intensity and weight of your routine.

The pain is not caused by lactic acid buildup as most people believe, since lactic acid only resides in your muscles for 1-2 hours after exercise. Resistance training causes muscle fibers to break, inflaming the region. This is what really hurts! This is how we get bigger muscles; after a workout, the muscle tears and then repairs

Who can it affect?

Anyone can get DOMS! Even those who have been training for years can develop this condition, as long as they are changing and improving their routines. But don't worry, as your muscles become accustomed to the increased pressure, they will get used to it and the discomfort will lessen.

How long can it last?

The pain of DOMS is typically mild to severe, depending on the amount of strain you put on the muscle. Ouch! But don't let that deter you from working out; it might be either sever or minor based on how much pressure you applied to the muscle. This discomfort isn't identical to acute muscular soreness, which is the discomfort

How can it be treated?

As much as an ice bath and muscle cream can help, the most effective way to treat DOMS is to apply deep tissue massage on a regular basis. A massage gun works wonders by sending powerful pulses deep into the muscle tissue, which promotes myofascial release and reduces pain by relaxing contracted muscles, improving blood flow, and stimulating the stretch and reflex responses.

So, are sore muscles after a workout really a good sign?

Even if you don't experience DOMS after your workout, you can still have a beneficial exercise. Yes, it's an excellent signal that you've pushed yourself to do more and perform better, but it doesn't necessarily imply that you've had an effective workout. The myth that increased soreness equals greater growth isn't quite accurate. Muscle soreness is just a sign that you've worked hard, but it's not the only indicator of a good workout. If you're not sore after your workout, don't worry! You can still see results. Just focus on other indicators of progress, such as how much weight you can lift, or how many reps you can do.

Looking for a great massage gun?

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